Vier Personen, Jury und Preisträger des Ernst-Otto Czempiel-Preises 2023
Czempiel Award Ceremony 2023 with Roger Mac Ginty (second from left) on October 12, 2023. Photo: Lion Tsarfin/PRIF.

Ernst-Otto Czempiel Award 2023 for Roger Mac Ginty. Laudatio by Eva Senghaas-Knobloch

PRIF awarded this year’s Ernst-Otto Czempiel Award to political scientist Roger Mac Ginty. In doing so, the jury recognizes his 2021 monograph “Everyday Peace: How So-Called Ordinary People Can Disrupt Violent Conflict”, in which Mac Ginty explores how people in conflict zones can resist and disrupt totalizing war logics in everyday actions – even in combat. As the jury stated the author focuses a central peace policy problem and takes an extraordinarily innovative and transdisciplinary approach to it. The prize was handed over at PRIF’s Annual Conference on October 12, 2023. Professor Eva Senghaas-Knobloch, member of the jury together with Dr. Jörn Grävingholt and Professor Jonas Wolff, held the laudatio that is published here.